January 6, 2010 9:45pm CST
If a number of students were ask. What do youy worry most almost half said GRADES..Grades are major anxiety for students like be able to attain good grades this are the thimgs to be done... * Study it a quite place. * In studying in dim places you should need a good lighting since our eyes are really sensitive. * Put pencil and a scratch of paper on a table so that it is easy for you to get them if they are needed. * Make an outline of your lessons what might be the first and the last. * And above all ask for guidance from God since he knows all. * And while taking exams please pray first.
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20 Feb 10
I do all these things and maintain great grades. I have also learned that if possible find a good study buddy so you can bounce off ideas. I remember I was taking a Communications class and I had a final exam to study. My fiance (now husband)mom was sick in the hopsital and while she was in the hospital I stayed by his side and his mom side. As soon as she was released I had two days to study for my final exam. On the way back home I was driving and my fiance had quizzed me. This had helped me a lot and I had gotten an A. I was so glad. I always pray before taking an exam.