modern kids missed half of their lives

@jakie18 (229)
January 7, 2010 2:53am CST
I remember my childhood years when I'm so contented and happy with my life.A life of a kid is very simple, just play, eat, sleep.I was even 18 when I stopped playing hide and seek with my friends. It was really an amazing experience.So simple yet so fun.But with today's developing world our modern kids enjoy more with a lot of gadgets coming out in the market.PSP,NDS and alike kept them busy throughout the day.They don't even experienced running around,climbing mango trees or even playing in the rain.They never experienced falling down while climbing on trees or being tripped off while running it may be an advantage but the experience is worth the pain because after falling you will now learn to stand up and run again.From these experiences we learn and improved our values.It may also be the reason why may kids grow up to be sickly, obese and worst spoiled brats.Do you agree or disagree?
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@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
7 Jan 10
I agree completely. But i bet that 15 years from now, these kids today will say the same thing about the kids of their generation. It's a never ending cycle.
@jakie18 (229)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
yep!I'm sure they will.Life just goes on and on and on.
• Romania
8 Jul 10
We gotta admit that its a nice thing to use the new tehnology. the problem is how much the kids are spending with video games, staying front of computers, video games. As parent, you gotta make some schedule for your kid. Example, 1 hour/day the kid can play on video games, 3 hours/day play in some parks. The rest of time is for eating, sleaping, ordinaires activities.