I Like Kicking Things That Roll

January 7, 2010 4:38am CST
Whenever I'm walking at the street going somewhere and I see something small that can be kicked, I kick it. Whether it's a fruit, a can, a rock.. I'd kick it over and over again until I reach my destination. Sometimes when I kick it and it doesn't go where I want it to, I'd still go out of my way to follow it and kick it back going to my direction. I don't know what urges me to do it, it's like when a dog can't resist a game of fetch. Is it just me or do you feel the same urge too?
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@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
7 Jan 10
No, I don't have that urge. I want you to advice to make sure it doesn't happen with other things, otherwise you might develop OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, while it's probably not going to happen you might want to ensure you don't repeat, or count things, kicking someone's balls excluded. :P
• Venezuela
7 Jan 10
I just do it for fun so I don't get bored. And I don't do it when there are people watching. Thanks.
• India
7 Jan 10
as a child, I also used to do this. I could never walk on road properly and would keep on looking for some pebble or something to kick. Now the times have changed. I am fifty and wear byfocal eye glasses due to which on one or two occasions, these very pebbles have made me fall on the road.
• United States
7 Jan 10
Lol, that's kind of funny. I'll usually do the same thing to, but usually just like once or twice, I think almost everyone usually does though. It's interesting that you would go back to get it though, haha. That sounds a little goofy, but your picture makes you look like a goofy dude anyway. lol. Pretty random thing to do, haha.
@zearah (5289)
• Philippines
7 Jan 10
Check out the thing you're kicking...what if it is a thing that rolling when you kick but it will bounce back to your head or somewhere in your body part or in you ball...then you might also roll