Who out there thinks world going to end in 2012

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January 7, 2010 4:38am CST
Do you really think the worlds ending in 2012 whats your opinion and why! what do you think!?
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7 Jan 10
Well I think that there's been a lot of times that people predicted that the world was going to end, and obviously they've never been right, so I would say "no". But it is interesting that there is an extremely rare galactic alignment in 2012 that only happens like every 35,000 years or something. (I forget how often, but it is EXTREMELY rare.) That and the fact that a lot of ancient calenders end in 2012, but still I personally think that the chances are slim. Although I don't know much about the facts. It just seems to weird to me that people would be able to predict the end of the world. There's just too many variables to predict it WAY before it happens so precisely. I remember something a guy at work said to me after he saw the movie 2012, haha. He was talking to me and he said, "Hey, have you seen the movie 2012?" I said "No." then he said, "What if the world really did end in 2012? You know what I'd be doing? I'd be indulging in my favorite illegal substance." lol, it was really funny. If anyone here hasn't seen the movie yet though, I watched it in theaters a little while ago and it was a GREAT movie. It's like 3 hours long, but it's seriously like the best action movie I've ever seen, lol. It's an insane movie. The main character is about to die at pretty much every second of the movie, haha.