Which do you prefer: Ubuntu or XP ?

January 7, 2010 9:53am CST
Which operating system do you prefer: Linux Ubuntu or Windows XP? I really loved Ubuntu and the Linux experience is totally different from that of Windows!
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@kaka135 (14017)
• Malaysia
7 Jan 10
I am very used to Windows operating system, hence I'll prefer Windows XP, though I have been hearing from my friends Linux is a really good operating system. It's not only fast, but also seldom get virus attack. As I am using Microsoft Visual Studio to build my software applications, hence I have to stick to Windows operating system, it'll be more convenient for me.
• India
8 Jan 10
Well, for you XP may be dominating than Ubuntu but XP decides your fate and job.. But, I would certainly recommend you to try out Ubuntu too.. on the same PC by dual booting or in a different PC. Ubuntu acts as a backup for XP in case XP is down but needless to say, XP is much versatile and most used in this planet!
@thedark (156)
• India
28 Jan 10
clearly, windows xp is far ahead than ubuntu. ubuntu may hold a title when it comes to linux distros, but is not match with windows xp. i have tried both, ubuntu and windows xp. and i must say personally i find the features in windows xp to be richer and far more easier to use than ubuntu.
@drawan (66)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 10
If I use a dual boot, if bored using Windows XP then I use Linux and vice versa, but I often using Windows XP
• India
11 Jan 10
Hi, Microsoft's Windows operating system is designed for people with less technical knowledge. Where as linux operating systems are useful only for people who know about computers and programming. Referring to Windows XP, its the best ever operating system designed by Microsoft after Windows 98. It provides almost all the features any person like to use in a computer. So, its simple, if you are techy and want to do really some technical stuff, go fro Ubuntu else stick with windows XP.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
8 Jan 10
I'm a windows girl myself. While I don't particurally perfer XP, I do find windows to be the best OS out there. (At least for me.) I've used others, but windows is more user friendly for the blind.
• China
7 Jan 10
me personally i preferred XP all things considered. XP was ready to go and and you just piled your stuff on there and used it. however Ubuntu was more fun. The average computer user won't agree with that though. Ubuntu is for those who have a bit of tech knowledge, anybody else won't enjoy it that much.