do you know your heart with a heart with drop of blood?

January 7, 2010 11:02pm CST
There's exciting new for people prone to cardiac perchaps a firts in the world's researchers ar IIT. Mumbai, have developed a handy kit that uses a drop of blood to detect herat ailments and predict a possible attack. Called "iSence" it is an outcome of research in nano-technology by Institutes Center for Excellece in nano Electronics Disclosong this at the 97th Indian Science Prof Vramgopal Rao of the IIT's Department of electrical engineering said the device had completed lab trial and was ready of field trials. The kit is not likely to cost much. he said adding the field trials may take another years. The kit comprises a table top box and a disposable slide with fields that changes color depending on the condition of the heart. The techology was being developed for the last three years, he said adding, "THE DEVICE STEPS IN WHERE ECG FAILS" with ECG, he said, it may not always be able to identify heart aliments accurately.
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