do you think computer is used more for the destruction of mankid?

January 8, 2010 11:42am CST
now a days computer are used more by the terrorists and antisocialists than the common people and the scientists. terrorists are more brainy than the defence or scientists to use computer. the duplicate currency notes are making serious problem, for which the anti socialists make the computer more and more. many things like this even the viruses are fed into computers by some terror group.
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• India
25 Jan 10
Nothing is good or bad for us. the way we use technology makes it good or bad for us. its a quite controversial topic youve raised up
@ankit08 (25)
• India
10 Jan 10
everything comes with both good and bad points with it it is us that decide to which direction we have to think over it, although computer has some drawbacks but sitt in comparision to its profits it can be found negligible hence i donot accept this notion that computer is destructive to mankind.
@May2k8 (7123)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 10
I think the terrorists and antisocialists competed in testing their skills, there is evil and there is also a good. I doubt the terrorists are smarter than the scientists or others involved, every human being has not always have a power they would gradually fall.