I and we, one word can make different feeling

@kevinll (967)
January 8, 2010 8:58pm CST
Maybe we do not care about say I or we when we share something with your friends or other people. Once two men were traveling together,and they were walking along a road in the wood.Then they found a beautiful crystal bottle on the ground. One of them picked it up and said, 'Look,I find this crystal bottle.” "Don't say I, however we have found the it,' said the other 'We are friends. We ought to share it between us.''No,' said the first one, 'I found it, so it is mine.' For a while, after they heard someone running after them, they looked back. They found He called out, 'Stop, thieves! Stop, thieves !' The first traveler said, 'What shall we do? He is running after us. We shall be caught by him.' 'Don't say we, but I shall be caught. You found it, and you say it is yours.' said the other, and left him alone. Sometimes it is easy to say we, just we may ignore it. In diffrent situation we maight have different feeling. Of course a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sometimes someone form a habit, only when they need help they can remember to say we and give you a call. However,in ordinary situation what should we do? We should often say we.
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