why parent and child communcation is must

January 8, 2010 10:57pm CST
childern should value the sacrifices that parents make for them parents in return, should try recognise the abilies and talent of the child and guide her a long the right.
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• Philippines
9 Jan 10
true COMMUNICATIONS is a MUST! in parent child relationship. it facilitates better of things around the child and in educating the child. remember, that education starts at home, before a child can go to school, if parents does not have a good communication with the child how can be learning transpire. so i would say COMMUNICATION is a MUST!
• India
9 Jan 10
but childern to any thing is do the educatin but parents stop him childern want to make engineer,architecure, but parents are not satisfied,parents told him, it is not better, you can do the doctor ,why?