Will you ask for help??

January 8, 2010 11:21pm CST
Suppose you are in a situation wherein you need help badly and the only person around at that very moment is the person you hated the most. Or maybe, one of your enemies. Would you ask that person to give you a hand? I know this is quite difficult. Most of us value our pride more than anything else. And perhaps, the last thing we would really like to do is to ask someone we dislike for help. Moreso if the only person out there who could possibly help us is our enemy. But then again, there are certain scenarios wherein we have to swallow that pride and shout for help.
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@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
9 Jan 10
As for me I would prefer not to develop any sort of dislike towards anyone.However things going out of control dislike sets in and I would never be asking help from the one I have begun to dislike.
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• Philippines
9 Jan 10
Wow! You are indeed a good person.
@gemini_rose (16194)
14 Jan 10
That is a horrible scenario because if I think of having to ask a couple of people in my life who I cannot stand for help then I think I would cry haha!!! I guess it would have to depend on how badly I needed help and whether it was something I could possibly do myself because I would rather rub salt in my eyes than ask someone I hated for help!
@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 10
Nope, i never, and don't want to, it's not matter of pride, but i'm afraid that they will stab us from behind, if i'm facing the troubles i will face it alone rather than to ask for a help, but this condition is only apply when i have enemies in fact i don't have, because i'm trying to be nice to have friends, because it's more easier to create an enemy rather than friend
@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
10 Jan 10
Well, one of my so-close friend was someone I fought with before. We even punched each other at the face in a canteen when we were not yet friends in high school. Whenever we met each other again we, sometimes, talked about that and we just laughed at it like how it could happen before. Sometimes, we won't really know who is a friend or an enemy until we get to know each other and learn of each other then time will tell. I got cheated by two close friends before because of money. Sometimes, the person who acts as a very good person is a person we have to be careful of the most.
• Canada
10 Jan 10
I think if my life depended on it, I would have to. Also, I think that all people whether they love someone or hate someone, can tell sincerity and honesty, when they hear it. If someone asks the right way, the person will realize that they really need help, and that they will be greatful for whatever help they receive.
@allknowing (69373)
• India
10 Jan 10
May be it is an opportunity to make amends and so I would look at it in a positive way and certainly ask for help and later bear the consequences if any!
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
if i did all what i can do to escape that situation, and the last option is to asked help from my enemy, i think i would do so. because, sometimes too much pride will bring us nowhere. that can be the start of reconciliation between us, and we might not know, we could be the best of friends.....
@vince06 (98)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
yes, i will low down my pride and ask for a helpp because who knows that incident is the way that you can be friends again with your enemy and having a high pride is a bad habit we should learn to low down our pride..
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
10 Jan 10
Hey dolce! I don't think that I could ever ask someone who is truly one of my enemies for help no matter what the circumstance! There are a very few people that I do consider enemies and I wouldn't ask them for anything even if I was dying! I am pretty sure of this! There are not many people that I truly hate, but when I hate that it is it! And once I do hate someone there is no turning back! I have two neighbors that if I saw them in the street dying I wouldn't do anything as I know they wouldn't either! I am not usually like that because I am the type of person who would give anyone anything to help them! But, when it comes to these two people nothing would ever change my mind and I know they feel the same! For me this is out of character, they are truly evil people and I am not the only person in my neighborhood who feels this way! I wish I didn't, but I do!
9 Jan 10
Hi dolce_vita78, Not that I have any enimies and I don't dislike anyone, but if I did, yes I would ask for help, there are good in every person and you can make amends and say you are sorry but you need help, in most cases they will help you. Tamara
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
Yes, I would ask for help even he is my best enemy for life. In the situation, you are left with no choice. Pride will lead you to nothing. Maybe, things had happened its course to give both of you good realizations that even you hate each other from the past? It can correct your thoughts that both of you can be friends after the situation. I do believe that there are situations in life that, will leave us to good relationship for a meaningful life, no matte how bitter it was in the past.
@jackie07 (40)
9 Jan 10
Me I will ask for help even if were not good friends. I would be very thankful if he/she will give me favor but if not it's ok also. That's the time if he/she really have a good heart even if your not good in terms.