What do you think about AVATAR the movie???

January 8, 2010 11:34pm CST
Well on my own opinion is just AWESOME, it's one of those movies you have to see with the best Audio, the best Video and enough food and drink because you are going to be sitting a long time. I have to say that James Cameron is one of those directors who make golden movies, you know what i mean if you check the numbers. Well that's my opinion, you have you chance. :) What do you think?
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@tap0991 (2767)
• United States
9 Jan 10
It is a really good movie they should of waited a little more before they released it tho.
• Venezuela
9 Jan 10
@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
Welcome to MyLot! I still haven't watched it, but it's doing great in box office, movie reviews, film critics, and the common people. I'm looking forward, though not a big fan of action, I'll give it a try. I might like it. Or love it. Actually, we already have a DVD of it, but our player is currently on repair. I'd have to wait for that first. :)
• India
9 Jan 10
Iam not able to see the movie but iwant to because i love 3d animation and titanic is one of my fav movies so the i want to see but because of exam i could not, it has got 4 and half 1/2 star's so i am dieing to see it after my exam's.
• United States
9 Jan 10
I have been limited to previews of it only, from what I can tell the military part of it is well done, but the whole fantasy thing is crap. Course I never cared much for science fiction. Anyone who's into that sort of thing will probably love it, looks like they made a little effort on special effects unlike a lot of movies that's been coming out.