What software is available to make a DVD for the videos downloaded from YOUTUBE?

January 9, 2010 4:30am CST
I have downloaded some stock market videos from you tube using a free you tube download software for my learning purposes. As the number of videos on my hard disc is increasing day by day, i find my PC is considerably slowing down. So i wanted to store them in a DVD, and tried them to burn using NERO version 8.0 SOFTWARE, IT DID NOT WORKED, as the files downloaded from you tube are in xvid format. I googled for dvd burners for converting "xvid to dvd" though i came across many software as freeware, some how or other after finishing downloading them, and when i try to burn xvid files to a dvd, some how or other the software will not function. This i tried with at least 10 different freewares available in the net. Can any comrade here has any idea about a freeware from which i can make the above.If you have please give me the link here. Thanks and Regards Saivenkat.
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• India
9 Jan 10
well i preferably used Nero software to burn cd and also if you are using real player they also provide you download videos from you tube and convert it also as required format
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 10
As i know, video which downloaded from youtube is flash video format with .flv extension. If you want to convert it into another format, i think you need to follow the procedure, such as converting it into avi format first. After that, you can easily converting it into another format again such as burning it into a DVD by just using Nero. However, you can easily make any conversion when you have the avi format. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@freelink (107)
9 Jan 10
hi saivenkat i don't know the proper DVD burner for XVID format but you can try to make data DVD of your videos but by this way you can only play this video on your PC but you can't play this DVD with your DVD Player (i think so) if you don't have enough space on your harddisk then just make DATA DVD using NERO after you get proper converter for XVID format convert it back from your DATA DVD