What is the cure for sweaty palms in the Philippines?

January 9, 2010 6:46am CST
Hi. Do you know of any cure for sweaty hands and feet? and Where can it be purchased in the Philippines? I hope you can contribute to the healing of this sweaty hands disease. Thank you so much
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@AvI0907 (231)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 10
Hi.. (+ _ =) your message had been attracted me to take a break here. The solutions of this kind of disease is get an advise from experts and do medical check-up to find out the caused of the disease.Foremost, do not simply to take any medicine without get an expertise from experts because difference people has differ immune body. Sometimes the medicine you take might be not giving any effected after using and sometimes you will able to get harmful and might brings you allergies. With my prayed for GOD,wish the victims can be recover soon.Please take a balance diet and allow yourself to exercise.
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
Sweaty palms is not there just because it is as is. Sweaty palms is due to a medical condition where in youre eccrine glands or sweat gland has a problem. There is no known commercial products to cure this although some products can control this . Mosttly products that have an astringent or alum ingredients is the one that is use to "control" take note not cure it . Althiught thansk to the advencement of medical technology recently they have found out one aesthetic medication that can be used to control and maybe one day heal this and it is being widely used right now . BOTOX, yes you heard it right they have found that getting botox injections in the sweaty areas take note not the face but on the area that is affected. There are verious researches on it online that you can read about so check them out.
@aevans (255)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 10
Hi! Nice to meet you. guess we are just about having the same problem... I have searched the cure for sweaty hands and feet for long times, they call this hyperhidrosis and this may hard to get a cure because it may caused by many reasons. Some people may find their hand and feet stop sweating or sweat less when they reach 25. It really make people frustrated. I normally won't shake hand with others when my hand is sweating and make me not confident. I get some solutions here, it won't really cure hyperhidrosis but is useful to make you sweat less on the hand and feet..hope it will be helpful. 1. Everyday...put your hand and feet into warm water for 5-10 minutes, you can put some salt into the water, it will be more effective. 2. Every night after wash your feet, use some distilled spirit apply on your feet and let it dry in the air. Do this for a month, it will help you stop sweating and cure smelly feet. 3. This will be easy, if you can get it at your country. I have tried a product name PerspireX. It is kind of lotion that can treat the sweating problem on hand and feet. You need to apply it before go to sleep and let it dry in the air. The next morning you just have to wash off with water and soap. It work for me, but you need continue apply it every after 2 or 3 days. Well, is better than nothing right? They have a website www.perspirex.com you can have a check on it. Guess you can get it on ebay or some other medical website. I live in Malaysia and I get it from pharmacy near my house, you can try search for it. Erm..that's all I found that may be useful for you. Sorry for my broken english...Haha, just wish that we can both stop this thing! Have a nice day.
23 Aug 11
Hi how are you friend... Where in particular pharmacy did you bought the Perspirex? Im staying in Penang right now and Im having the same problem as you. I want to try the product also. Can you please help me. here's is my email. reighyanne@yahoo.com Thanks and hoping for your response on my email.
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
It is also my problem my hands sweating too much. When I'm still studying I need to hold a handkerchief everytime I'm writing because my hands are very wet when I'm holding a pen. I'm also hate to wear gloves because everytime I'm going to remove it I can squeeze my sweat there. I don't know any medicine for this but I know a remedy you should soak your hands and feet to warm water with salt.