Recognizing What Files Easily Infected with The Virus

January 9, 2010 9:00am CST
Perhaps most us know that the virus was only from the type of .exe file (application) only, because most of the viruses in the form of exe files. Though many types of potentially infected files, and can spread the virus when run. So often we are not where that the file is run it could contain a virus / virus seeds. Better if we know the type of files - what files are surprisingly easy to become infected by the virus. By knowing some of this types, may be more cautious. What do you think mylotters, type of any file that we need to be careful??
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• India
25 Jan 10
most virus attach themselves to the exe of a file and change the extension for example if you see a word document named officefies.doc.exe then its a sure shot virus sometimes you can also see a file which has a n icon of windows media player but has extension as .cab such files are generally virus. just get a look at the spam folder of your inbox, youll know what i mean :D
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
virus are destroyer that's what i know...most virus are in a type of .exe file..we should also be carreful of some .cmd files because other virus has this extention.
@hirumon (90)
• India
10 Jan 10
.exe files was the most infected ones...also the .vbs(visual basic script) files was the main worm spreading vehicles through email. But nowadays PDF got the top exe and vbs are almost always blocked or scanned by email providers and anti viruses in host machines.. Adobe reader is now can be found in almost all windows systems as PDF won over the doc files. So better be careful with them..