too much stress renders me paralyzed

January 9, 2010 9:24am CST
I was assigned to present on a topic and the coordinator was always on my back instead of becoming productive I can no longer do anything. the presentation is due the day after tomorrow and the coordinator wants me to rehearse with her prior to my talk. what is happening now is i'm creating scenarios to avoid her (i.e. i was sick needs to stay home) but i know i soon have to face the music. too much thinking renders me paralyzed. is there anything I can do? do you have any suggestions that could help me focus on the task instead of being scared out of my wits by the coordinator. the thing is i am scared that my presentation won't be good enough and she'll just throw it in my face. whew!
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@skbrence (476)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
Based on that situation, I think the Coordinator is interested with you. Maybe he saw something on you special, maybe he/she wanna train you so that you would get better. If I were in your case, I would treat that one as a challenge. It is a time to impress everyone. Show off who you are! Show what you can do... Remember that "First Impression lasts...", so do a great work.
@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
9 Jan 10
I think that you need to look at your priorities first. Did you finish preparing your assignment? Just finish what you have to do. Only then you can go meet then coordinator. Maybe you should just tell straight to her that you can't concentrate with her nagging you all the time. Just tell her the truth and the a nice way. You might reduce the amount of stress.