How many time we fall in love? and which is true love?

January 9, 2010 9:45am CST
few days ago when i was studing in the college, many of my friends were faliing in love again and again and they were explaining me thier feelings and how much they love thier lover but funy thing is girls were not loving them but i think we can fal uin true love only onece in our life is it correct? or we faling in true love many times?
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• United States
9 Jan 10
I believe you can fall in love with anyone. You can get to know them well enough and care to the point where you want them in your life always. That is love, always wanting someone there, caring about them, whether it be good or bad. Actual true love though, I think is where two people connect, really connect, right from the start. There is no, learning to love, it just it. There is something that others don't have. They trust each other, have similar interests, right off the back.