walking is an exercise .. it can be a sport.

@AvI0907 (231)
January 9, 2010 10:22am CST
I believed many people does not know walk is an exercise and can be a sport. I get some information which enough to evidence walking is a good exercise. From the information which i got, the researcher has proven by walking one hour might be assumption you have been ran over 10km. Sounds like crazy but it is TRUE!!! After i knew it, i had applying in my daily schedule which at least take an or a hour to walk. I did at park, lake and even sport complex. Actually, any place also can be your starting point as long as convenience for you. As a remind please choose a safe place where would not invest you into any danger. As my advise, please allow yourself to exercise no matter who you are and where you are. Please take note also in practicing yourself for take a balance diet at every single day.HEALTH is WORTH, there is nothing can be replacing. Let get LOUD to EXERCISE!!!
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@aevans (255)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 10
Seriously, I always think that walking just another easiest way for exercise. Normally I will go swimming, jogging or other exercise that make me sweat a lot. For me I will think that a person will get healthier when he or she sweat more...kinda weird huh? Walking one hour = run 10 km..I can say that is amazing!!! It will be easier for everyone walking for hour rather then get them to other exercises. Haha..will help by inviting friends walking around! You are right, health is better than everything..I will go swimming or jogging 3 times a week.