Beer pong with death, or without?!

United States
January 9, 2010 11:17am CST
While traveling the country one finds diversity throughout pretty much everything. Beer pong is of course no exception. While in a heated game of beer pong at a co-workers holiday party, I found myself ready to punch my partner in the face. He's super athletic but couldn't hit a cup to save his life. Anyhow, instead of throwing him down the stairs, I shot for the all famous death cup. Now, in my extensive experience with beer pong, when my teammate hits a cup and I hit the same cup before the opposing team picks up the cup, the game is over (hence: death cup). If we get two ping pong balls in the same cup, while the cup is in play, the game is over. Now, back in my glory days, I was infamous for nailing the death cup shot and ending games early. So when my partner went to shoot, I went for death cup, realizing we had no chance of winning this game otherwise. Bam! The beautiful sound of both balls in the same red Solo! Just like I would have four years ago, I threw my arms up and started talking smack. The opposing team said I was an idiot and that my shot was simply good for one extra cup. After arguing for a good half hour, I settled for two cups and finished the game. Which we lost. I have always played with death cup, and have always considered it a vital part of a competitive match of beer pong. Taking away the risk of sudden doom is like bowling with bumpers. Remember in that first Star Wars movie when Luke flies his plane in that canal and shoots his little red bombs down the trash chute and blows up the entire Death Star? That is death cup. Without death cup, the Alliance would be destroyed. In order to keep Darth Vader from taking over the world, we must fight to keep death cup an active part of every game. It is your duty to not only honor the rule, but to strike at the right moment and sink the death shot! Then throw your arms up and start talkin' smack!
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