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@lazuardy (152)
January 9, 2010 11:53am CST
I have a friend that have a PC in his house, and on one day his PC can't turn on. We check it together in computer service, and they say if the motherboard of my friend PC are not working again because of unstable electricity on my friend house. Is it possible that because the unstable electricity can cause the motherboard broken ?Because on my friend house not used stabilizer.
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• India
9 Jan 10
Yes,motherboards can burn due to highvoltage.But ofcourse it doesnt mean that if u had a stabilizer it wudnt burn.Even if u had a stabilizer ur computer parts can burn coz every PSU has a limit it the voltae fluctuates after that then it can burn computer parts if it is a bad unit.So finally it all comes to using good quality products so as to avoid serious damages to computers.
@May2k8 (6998)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 10
yes it causes damage to electronics, at the time of burning make sure enough power to run the machine. On the computer is called a power supply current use as a modifier AC to DC then connected to the motherboard. Usually the electrical in your friend house not until 220, then power supply shortages burdened by that power your motherboard can be burn. You or your friend need Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to avoid this happen.
@shav9292 (928)
• India
9 Jan 10
yes...my motherboard got fried due to high voltage. UPS is a must for a comp if you have unstable electricity conditions.nevertheless UPS is a must.