What does Money $$$ mean to you ?

United States
January 10, 2010 8:18am CST
I'm really curious to hear what folks have to say. Money to me has always been a means to an end. I don't covet it, I just want enough to be comfortable and my definition of comfortable is having all bills paid, going on vacation every year and having enough to spend and splurge here and there. Pretty simple I think. I have worked in Sales for much of my life and worked with a wide variety of people. I remember one fellow who told me he wanted to be richer than God. That took me aback abit but his idea of happiness was to have a fancy car, boat, 2 houses, top designer clothes etc. Heck of a nice guy and he worked hard and was good at his job but how different from me!! I have read that one of the top reasons that folks get divorced is due to arguements about money. How much is enough and does your significant other have the same views? I've met Savers and Spenders married together who did nothing but fight and others who balanced each other out nicely. So what does money mean to you? Are you a saver, a spender?
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@monkeylong (3146)
• Guangzhou, China
10 Jan 10
As far as I am concerned, I can not say that money is everything to me. But Moeny is still important to me , I think. Maybe most of us think important of moeny . I can not be short of moeny. I need money to our daily life. I need money to build our happiness . All things will need the money to support. May be in this way , money is a good thing.
• United States
10 Jan 10
Thanks for your comment, I agree with you - Yes, we all do need money for daily living, that's for sure. The bills do keep coming! How will money help build your happiness? I'm really curious as to how folks think about money and how it effect their life decisions.