Does Ghost exist?

January 10, 2010 1:12pm CST
Hey believers and non believers out there.....Wat do ypu think? Does ghosts really exist and do we share our World with dem.. i know this is a ridiculous question,,but stil....
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• Maldives
14 Jan 10
i believe with unseenthings, i believe there is jinn community. i had experience with unseen thing (jinn) in big house near beach last 2 years. you can not imagine, it was real, i felt like in the movie..but really i saw the reality. that jinn disturbed us alot, knocking the door and window, locking the door, throwing something,make noise, turn on the fan, and many mysteriuus things that we felt for few months there...a bit scary..but gain some knowledge....
@dizaztah (18)
• India
11 Jan 10
hi really this is a vast question that u r asking some may say its ridiculious but i believe in ghost some supernatural power. if u talk about me i have felt something when im sleeping alone in my room i dont know wat exactly is that but sometimes something holds me when im sleeping and i cannot move. i simply cant speak and do nothing i just enchant gods name and after sometime i feel normal again. that moment where very exhausting godd
@amybrezik (2123)
• United States
10 Jan 10
I don't think it is a stupid or ridiculous questtion. There are arguements for both sides of this question. I personally do believe in ghosts, but there are many people who do not. I didn't until I had my own personal experiences with them. Whether you believe or not, the concept and stories told about them are very interesting.