Who here uses Traffic Exchanges?

@minx267 (14595)
Hartford, Connecticut
January 11, 2010 1:05am CST
Just curious how many use traffic exchanges or TE's and Why? Do you have sites that you advertise and have they helped you increase your traffic or sales or whatever it was that you set out to do? Do you have a favorite site or a few? Mine is Hitsboosterspro. I have used a few TS25 was fun but expensive if you wanted to go premium. Others didn't seem to cut it for me.. some you could cheat the system by opening a bunch of pages at a time.. sure it helps you surf faster.. but if you are doing that to get YOUR site seen.. someone else is probably doing the same thing and not really seeing your page at all. Hitsboosterpro has a 6 second timer so it's quick but enough time to see your page. What I like about that one is the bonus credits I get while surfing and periodically MONEY PAGES.. those are always cool. I won $5 once. :-) So if you use them what are your favorites and why? I am always looking for more. but some look so ridiculous or the ratio of what you have to surf to get someone to see your page is too high.. I tried Hittoads.. didn't like it.. High hits is okay too. They increase your amount of credits earned the more you surf (per day) but it does carry over to the next day if you surf everyday it's good - you can get a good amount of credits and bonuses (though not as many bonuses as hitsbooster -IMO). Has anyone earned money from any- are there many out there that offer cash/money pages?
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@jkcokley (267)
• United States
17 Jan 10
interest in this too.
@minx267 (14595)
• Hartford, Connecticut
18 Jan 10
I have a banner for this TE on my profile page.. I have recently joined a few others. But this is still my favorite!
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
11 Jan 10
I am using only one traffic exchange programme right now i.e. EasyHits4U.It is my favourite, I don't surf to get money but for few hits that I get everyday.Sometimes I use auto surfing traffic exchange sites too.
@minx267 (14595)
• Hartford, Connecticut
12 Jan 10
I have heard of them but have not tried them.. I would as why they are your favorite.. but since you only have one.. lol I guess that would be the reason :-)