pick your favourite so-called innovations in cricket

January 11, 2010 3:09am CST
hi friends.in the last few years some changes were brought into cricket which were supposed to change the face of cricket and they are indeed doing just that. well lets play a game. i will list a few of the innovations and you MUST choose your favourite and not I LIKE BOTH stuffs.after you chose your favourite,you MUST comment on the rest on the list.play the game if you dare.lol. [b]1.freehit 2.T20 matches 3.bowling and batting powerplays 4.umpire review system 5.34th over ball change 6.others ( which include anything i didnt mention ).[/b] my favourite is ofcourse freehit.i believe it was the best thing introduced.a bowler can get wicket by bowling wide deliveries but never of a no-ball and giving such a penalty for no-ball is indeed a good thing. T20 matches sucks bowling and batting powerplay should have been 5 mandatory,5 bowling and 5 batting making it 15 overs of power play.it just increased the load on bowlers. umpire review is total waste and it makes the onfield umpires look like dummies and some cricketers review the decision even if they clearly nicked the ball therefore making it a not-so-gentleman game. 34th over ball change finished off the art of reverse swing and more easy for batsmen to their good shots. yeah thats it.lol
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@Nero11 (317)
14 Jan 10
I was unsure at first of the umpire review system but it has become invaluable in the current South Africa vs England test series. Umpire Harper has given some truely dire decisions in the series that have thankfully been overturned. It puts pressure on umpires but rightly so. In other sports such as football the umpires are constantly in the spotlight so why not cricket? It proves which umpires are good and which are not so (sorry Mr Harper, I don't mean to have a go but I think it's time for you to go).
• United States
11 Jan 10
Sadly, I have nevr played cricket, and have never watched a game! I honestly thought that the game stopped years ago, but I am glad that it has not. One day, I will go to a cricket game and then play a few with my family. It looks like a lot of fun, kind of like a mix between baseball and soccer.
• India
11 Jan 10
It is a good game to start......... The innovations were introduced to make the game of cricket more exciting and some have been able to and some are not completely fair. T20: I like the introduction of T20 as it has made the ODI's more exciting as the batsmen's score too fast and they have invented innovative ideas to score more runs.And the T20's do mostly start at the evening time as by that time I come home and then watch the full game till the end.And it gets over in 3hrs. Freehit: I like to see freehit but I think it is unfair to the bowlers as in this they are given punishment which is very unfair as it is not too big sin to give a noball. Bowling and Bowling powerplays: Bowling and batting powerplays do increase the excitement but I think all the powerplays should be taken by the bowling teams only as in powerplays the batting team has the advantage so the powerplays should be taken by the bowlers only. Umpire review system: Umpire review system is a crap as in this the decision should be fully taken by the 3rd umpire. 34th over ball change: This is another disadvantage to the bowlers as because of this they do not get a hint of reverse swing so the batsmens do not get any difficulty in scoring runs and making the matches more batting friendly.I think the game should be evenly poised.
@madhuvamsi (1185)
• India
11 Jan 10
Good game you have started and loved your idea, coming to my favorite one in your list is T20 matches. These 20 overs is saving my valuable time and getting full entertainment. The IPL in South Africa was more interesting and pitches in South Africa helped both batsmen and bowlers. A cricket match will be interesting only if bowler and batsmen both get equal chance perform their skills. I hate the flat pitches where bowlers are hit by batsmen all round the park. It is sad that most of the pitches are sucking in India. I am not losing any interest in the Test matches but losing interest in 50 overs format. I do not blame T20 cricket but something interesting must be brought into 50 overs format.. Freehits are also my favorite but you said to select only one. I hope this free hit is awarded for wide balls also. The idea of batting and bowling powerplay are good and I have no complains about it. Umpire review system is good idea but most of the decisions must be taken only by 3rd umpire and once a decision is gone for review to the 3rd umpire then on field umpire will no more be consulted. The decision should be completed left to 3 rd umpire only just like run out decisions. Art of reverse swing might come down in ODI's but in Test cricket bowlers will definitely used it. In day and night matches change of ball is must because if ball becomes dirty then it is hard for batsman to site. So, it is fair rule.. I would like to see the removal of legbyes in the cricket. It is easy way to get runs for batsmen without doing anything.. I do not mind with byes but leg byes are very unfair..