Did u ever abused ur girlfriend or wife in anger?

January 11, 2010 3:20am CST
Recently i did so, due to frustration, and my irritated mood, but i felt so guilty for it, that i couldnt even ask her to 4give me it feels very bad when u realise what u said could have broken her off but we never understand till we fall in such situation What is the next step u took to fix up things? i would really like to know ur reaction for this situation
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@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
11 Jan 10
I'm lucky this has never happened to me. I know that sometimes I can't control what I say or what I do when I'm really mad but with my wife I'm able to control it. I think the best way to fix things is through communication. There are times when we think that things are better left unsaid, but this just makes the situation worse.
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• India
11 Jan 10
Yes,it has happened many times. It is usually done in anger due to the reason which you have mentioned, frustration. I am not able to control my anger, and this is one of the reason for the abuse. If it was any other woman, she would have left me a long time back, but somehow my wife still stays with me, and hopefully she will stay with me in spite of all my bad behaviour.
• India
15 Jan 10
ya ramesh u r right if it would be some other women or girl she would never forgive this but u r lucky n so m i happy mylotting