how to you propose a grl???

January 11, 2010 9:05am CST
heloo!!!guys it's one of the hard thing in the world is to propse his/her love..... ok..let's we share our sad/funny/crazy/appyy Ways of proposing....and tell hw u propose a grl...and give some exciting and easy tips...[:P]
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@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
11 Jan 10
First of all, I am writing this from the perspective of a male, so please take that into account when applying my tips. Well first start learning about each other. Ask her questions. Look below at how to ask questions and what the difference in reaction is. "Do you like to watch movies? - "Yes." Or "Have you seen Heartbreakers yet?" - "No" or ( and don't do this in the early beginning of the convo, rather do it when she feels at ease talking with you) " Are you planning on seeing Heartbreakers?" - "Yes, I am" " Would you like to go to Heartbreakers with me on (date/place)" The way you ask questions is so important you'll notice that right away. Find out what it is she likes to talk about as early as possible in the conversation, do this in combination with her body language, if she says yes but she turns her body away from you or turns her head to the other side you know you could better not elaborate on the matter. Make use of moments of silence and don't be embarrassed when they occur. Remember humor is never wrong, even funny but rather crap quality jokes are better than being a boring ice cold bloke. Oh yeah the funny thing is, I have so much knowledge about how this works in practice and theory but when I have to do it myself... mheheh, lol I just get so shy. :P