What's the last purchase you wish you'd done differently?

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January 11, 2010 9:21am CST
I got a computer about three years ago. I got most of what I thought I needed. But later I really wish I had opted for one with a camera built in. It's silly to have to carry around a camera with my laptop!I also purchased an ipod then. I only got a 1G. I didn't figure I'd fill it up with music. Duh! When it fried I paid the extra to get a 2G... thought the same thing... hm.. really wish I had got one with the video. Again, I thought I'd never use it, however, I ended up traveling more than I thought and it would have been very handy! What's the last thing you purchased that you wish you'd have thought about again?
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12 Jan 10
Funnily enough it's my PC which I really wish I had done differently when I bought it last year. The actual spec of the machine is great and there are no grumbles there. But it is the actual physical design of the PC tower which with hindsight I wouldn't have gone for. Instead of being a proper size tower it is a 3/4 compact one which has the unfortunate habit of getting hotter than a normal pc tower. The machine itself doesn't over heat but the metal casing flexes when it gets too hot. Quite shocking see it's an ACER machine and wasn't cheap either.
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13 Jan 10
I hate it when that happens! I wish I had thought through my lap top purchase a little more too. At least maybe next time I'll think a little more about a purchas, I bet you will too! I will also read a lot more reviews on the items I am wanting to buy. I would have found out that the dvd players are toast on these!