Purchase a new laptop

@akssah (118)
January 11, 2010 10:16am CST
I want to purchase a new laptop. Give me some idea so that i can purchase cheap and best quality laptop.
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@DarkV5 (7)
• Malaysia
11 Jan 10
What is your price range and what will you mainly use the laptop for(ex. gaming or just casual use such as web surfing)? There are alot of options available for you to choose from. Brands such as Acer and Compaq are well known for delivering good performance and at the same time not burning a hole in your wallet. Brands such as HP and Toshiba offer their products at a slightly higher premium price due to increase in quality and performance. So for normal use ( work and internet surfing) i would suggest an Acer or Compaq. But the ultimate choice is yours. Oh and let's not forget about Dell. They offer good deals and you can actually customize your order before purchase! I can only give you the brand names. You have to choose the specific model based on what you want to do with your laptop. Happy laptop hunting! :) Hope this helped.
• Malaysia
11 Jan 10
haha Andrew beat me to the 1st respons while i was still typing mine out. I read his comment and well, you basically have a lot of usefull information for you to get your laptop now. Cheers!
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
11 Jan 10
When it comes to buying a laptop, you have to set your goals before buying. Just like the other people above me have stated, what you buy depends on your needs. If you know for example, you'll be doing a lot of multi-tasking, a good duel processor is probably best. It can handle the abuse. Memory is also key. You need a good bit of Ram (Random Access Memory) this is the memory used when running programs and running tools in the background such as anti-virous software. Go for a product such as HP or dell so you can look at the various specs and use the phone or live chat to ask questions. Know what you want your computer to do, and how much you are willing to spend. Research brands and spechs, so when you ask questions you'll understand the answers you recieve. I tend to anoy people when I shop for computers because I end up stumping them. I ask questions sales people don't seem to know. So know your stuff before you buy.
• United States
11 Jan 10
The big question is...do you like Apple or Windows? Apple laptops are the best quality, to me at least. They never get viruses, and they are always fast. Unless of course you do a lot of things, then any computer will get slower. But my MacBook has been an Angel to me so far. If you want a Windows, there is many laptops that feature Microsoft's software. You could even go to a place like Rent King, where it is around 20 dollars a week to rent a laptop, and then it is yours. That is probably a better investment, instead of spending a big amount of cash up front. You would only have to worry about the 20 dollars every week, which i'm sure isn't a hard thing. And if you end up not liking the laptop, you can always give it back to them.
• United Kingdom
11 Jan 10
Hi akssah, it all depends on how you will be using your laptop! Are you interested in online gaming? Or, do you just want to use the laptop for basic needs like surfing the net, writing letters using the built in software etc? I have a Dell desktop and I'm pretty pleased with it. I recommend you use a well know supplier like this, you can check out the Dell website to see what offers they have in place. The most important things that you should look for is to go for a laptop with as much memory as possible, go for as much as you can afford! I have 2 gigabytes but my system takes a maximum of 4 gigabytes. You should also look at the hard drive capacity and go for as much as you can afford, 500 gigabytes is a good starting point. Laptops can be quite cheap but it all depends on the specifications you choose. If you are seriously into gaming then you are going to require a higher spec laptop and this will be more expensive. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Andrew