Mark McGwire and Steroids

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January 11, 2010 2:43pm CST
After all these years McGwire finally admitted what we had all expected. HE TOOK STEROIDS! Suprised? I am surely not. It is a shame though looking back on that homerun race between him and Sosa and knowing that it was all fake. Looking back on baseball and being only 22 that was a baseball memory that I thought I would never forget. Those long nights of watching the Cardinals play as McGwire closed in on the homerun record for a single season. I think though it was about time that McGwire came clean and finally decided to admit what we all knew. This was probably his only option if he ever wanted to get into the baseball Hall of Fame. It is going to be interesting to see what the Hall of Fame voters decide to do with Big Mac and others in this steroid era. Do you put them in even though they used illegal drugs to enhance their skills or do you completely forget about the past couple of decades and leave out some of the greatest power hitters the game has ever seen? What do you think should and will be the fate of Mark McGwire? Will he ever see his face in the Hall of Fame or will he and others end up never making it in? All I know is it will be interesting ot seehow they vote next year and if he can get passed the 22 percent he received this year.
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11 Jan 10
I'm not at all surprised by his admission of steroid use, but I am suspicious of the timing of that admission. It seems to me he had nothing to gain and everything to lose in terms of his career standing, the hall of fame, and how he would ultimately be remembered. Unless for some reason he stands to gain from the media attention he is now receiving. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the man has some business venture, or book deal, or other reason to profit, and needed to get his name back in the media to generate publicity for whatever it is he will soon be promoting. Call me cynical, but I just don't think he at all suddenly had a change of conscience, and just decided to come clean.
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12 Jan 10
Well then if thats the case he kind of has everything ot gain then. It's a chance for him to make tons of money if he is going to be doing interviews and a book about his usage. I would have to respectfully disagree with the idea that with his admission to steroid usage will ruin all chances to get into the Hall of Fame. McGwire said all the right things in my eyes. He apologized, explained his reasoning for turning to steroids, and gave a time period for doing it. Plus figure this, he only received 22 percent vote to get in the hall which is 53 more percent off of what he needs. Mine as well throw all your cards on the table and see if being honest will get him in there. He never lied about taking it, even though his comment of not talking about the past was pretty lame. I guess we will have to wait and see next year how the sports writers vote for him now that it is out in the open.