Is there anybody who knows of any other paid forums? Please share...

United States
January 11, 2010 9:50pm CST
If you canhelp it would be great. I would share if I knew of any. Iam a single mom and a full time college student. Daycares here dont run in the evening for some reason. So its school or work. SO I have to find something for revenue.. Appreciate you all. Happy Mylotting
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5 Jun 10
Although not so much forums, Ciao and Dooyoo are great sites where you write reviews on products or just about anything and get paid for it. They both work slightly differently with Dooyoo paying either in cheque form or via amazon voucher and ciao paying directly into your account.
@hamid14 (81)
• Canada
5 Jun 10
There's a plethora of them out there, I can just list off a few of them, if you want them. So, these ones are all legit and actually payout. There is Code4Gold, GlobalGoldTalk, HYIPStalk Investment Forum, Moneytalk forum and Betlik forum. Code4Gold pays out 2 cents for every post, you need 150 posts and min. $3 to cashout, limited to 20 posts per day. GlobalGoldTalk is pretty much the same thing, but instead of using $$$ figures, they use a "point" system, for every post you get 2 cents and each post counts as 4 points. So 4 points = 2 cents, basically. The min. for GlobalGoldTalk is $2 and you have to PM the forum when you want to cashout via paypal or egold. HYIPStalk Investment Forum is 5 cents per post and the min. cashout is $1, but you can only post 20 times per day. I am not really sure about MoneyTalkPro and Betlik forum, they use a point system and the points-to-dollar value has not been determined yet. Hope that helps.