high heels makes woman more sexy?

@emediloy (701)
January 12, 2010 1:46am CST
HI..this morning i went to a coffeshop,then suddenly a woman passed me by.i think shes about early 30's,so attractive.and one thing i couldn't take my eyes off is her legs.she wore a high heel,that makes her legs more beautiful.is it true if high heels make a woman who wear it make more sexy and attractive?give me your opinion
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@Khushi309 (139)
• India
12 Jan 10
there's no doubt about it, high heels make women look sexier. given that they know how to walk in them of course. i have seen some women wear heels and then walk so weirdly that 'sexy' would be the last word you'd use to describe them. but anyways, heels are good for posture, and that's why they make a woman look appealing...
@esjosh (915)
• India
19 Jan 10
I agree with you khushi!!!! It makes sexier look to woman's legs at least!!!!
• China
12 Jan 10
hi,emediloy,i think so that the high heels can make a woman more attractive,but is`t painful when you wear the high heel,
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
12 Jan 10
High heels can raise a woman's butt by a certain angle which makes the woman's figure more enticing for men. There's also a perception that women who wear high heels are women who have status and power. These qualities are often fantasized by men.