natural agriculture

January 12, 2010 3:34am CST
Artificial and genetically engineered crops have made a revolution in production. But they have a number of complexities and unpleasant aftermaths. Moreover, naturally produced (organic) crops are more healthful, safe and delicious than the the artificially produced ones. That's why I love naturally produced crops and feel happy, comfortable and peaceful about the natural ones. In my country (Bangladesh), people have been tended to impatient and grow crops in a very short time. They produce high-breed seeds and apply toxic pesticides. They bring the fruits and vegetables before the poison is neutralized. We take these poisoned items and encounter different health problems unknowingly. Besides, the crops grown from excessive artificial fertilizers are distasteful and hazardous to human health. So, I urge all to produce crops naturally. What do you think about natural farming?
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