What IF?

@ghieptc (2525)
January 12, 2010 4:20am CST
The questions is quietly impossible however it reveals ones behavior. Of course everybody "imagine",so everybody is welcome to answer with no exceptions aside from rules here in myLot. Let's try to imagine this question and I hope we answer it honestly, is that OK? Please read it carefully. You may answer every questions if you want or you may leave it as a blank. What if you are given a chance to date anyone among the HOLLYWOOD STARS in one day?(only one) 1. Who do you think she/he is? 2. Why did you chose her/him among the other HOLLYWOOD STARS? 3. Where do you want to spend your date? 4. What do you think you expect in your date?romantic?with firecrackers or balloons? or what? 5. What kind of food and drinks you like to be serve in your date?(as many as you can) 6. What do you like to do or say or anything you want to ask/know about him while your having a date? 7. What qualities do you think you have that she/he may never forget after having a date with you? First come, First serve! Goodluck with your exam!
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