Do you invest money in PTC?

@hatimyal (1518)
January 12, 2010 5:15am CST
Hi guys just wanted to ask if you guys invest money in PTC or no. How safe it is to invest money in PTC and have you ever been scammed by a PTC when you invested money in it. My experience: I invested money in many PTC, i always loose 1-2$. Recently i invested in 3 PTC sites. 1 went down but i recovered my money before it went down. 2 Of them are still running. from 1 i have received 2$ and m near my 2nd payment. and from another where i have invested 15$ i already made 16$ and cashed it out to my paypal in just 10 days. so rest 20 days which are left is full PRofit. What about you guys,. where have you invested your money and how much you got n return. Regards