What do girl students look for in love and life?

Guangzhou, China
January 12, 2010 8:46am CST
Asurvey was conducted with girl students both in Chongqing University f Technology and Business and East China Normal University . question were raised for them to answer :What do you look for first in a boyfriend? What's the for a happy life? To the first question,around one third of the surveyed students chose personality as their answer while,approximately,another one third took abilities as the first thing they looked forheir boyfriends.As to the rest of the students, 17% favored common interests and goals,with 14% rating appearance as the No. one factor when trying to find a boyfriend , and economic status turned out to be the first consideration of the fewest,which only accounts for 11%. When asked about their about life,an overwhelming majority of the girl students chose marriage and family as the most important constituent of a happy life.Only 19.7% thought it would be a successful career that could most probably make them happy.Still fewer,aroud 9% of these students held that money played the most important role in a happy life while the rest 3% voted for other things. From their answers, we can see these girl students attach great importance to non-material things.They value mental and spiritual things more than physical and material things. So we may safely come to the conclusion that nowadays girls tend with love and relationships in a rational way.Unlike women of previous ,who would probably get married because of the economic pressures they were under, most of today's girl would choose to marry those they have something in common with and those they really have feeling for.
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