Woman Should They Shave Or Go All Natural Whats More Appealing

United States
January 12, 2010 11:08am CST
I was reading not to long ago about a woman that spent close to 16,000 a year on hair removal products. In her own words she would look like an Ape. That is quite the other end of the spectrum for my taste. I like my fiancee smooth all over and I'm pretty sure the reason is i all ways dated athletes and for the most part they have all been smooth everywhere. I will retract that i dated a swimmer for a while she didn't shave in between meets something about the drag it creates in the water then for the meet they shave. Anyway are there men that find a hairy mess appealing? If so WHY? Im not one to judge just curious on what it does for you and have most of your woman been hairy? Woman let me know if it was more excepted in our society, would you go all natural?
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@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
12 Jan 10
I like to shave everything. I think this is probably a very western mindset. Even though I think I would still shave if it was more accepted here, I'm pretty sure in countries like Europe it is much more accepted. This just goes to show how many definitions of beauty there actually are.
• United States
12 Jan 10
Thats a very good point. Europe does allow a little more leeway. I have noticed in the u.s a lot more of the black women go without shaving more than white women. Beauty is skin deep though.
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
I prefer shaving.it feels smoother and comfortable.I even consider having laser removal treatment.I feel more comfortable wearing sleeveless with smoother underarms.lucky for me,I don't have thick leg,upper lip,and arm hair.
@wizteen (505)
• India
16 Jan 10
umm... no id prefer the smooth ones ~_^ i dont find the hairy ones that appealing.and women! pleae dont go all natural on this thing! get the hair removed.lol