Are you going to get Final Fantasy XIII even though it's very linear?

United States
January 12, 2010 4:17pm CST
After reading several reviews that say FF13 is very linear, I still might have to pick it up. FF games have amazing storylines. Although, reviews also have said that the story in 13 is confusing. What's your take on the reviews and will you be getting it or holding off?
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@izak1399 (103)
• New Zealand
12 Jan 10
Aren't all the final fantasies linear? Most JRPGs don't actually hold to the rpg element of choice etc. About as Roleplayey as they get is a bunch of numbers that make up how cool you are. Although a good story is always a bonus, for that I would get it. But since I haven't been an avid follower of the series I probably won't start now. I kinda wonder why they call it Final Fantasy. Considering that their now up to their 13 final.
• United States
12 Jan 10
Most FFs are linear, but 13 seems to be even more-so. The maps are literally a straight line with very little run-off if you can even call it that. As for why it was named "Final Fantasy", when Square started the first game in the series, the company was in dire straits, so they literally thought it was going to be their last game.
8 May 10
I really have to agree with you on this one. Final fantasy 13 is a very linear game in terms of mapping. However i find if you turn off the minimap it makes the game a lot more enjoyable, you only see the amazing scenery of the game and everything looks a LOT more open, i reccomend giving it a try as the map really does take away from the stunning graphics.
@hcvvmk (175)
• Malaysia
12 Apr 10
After watching its trailer and gameplay, I'm thinking that I will go for FF vs 13 (coming soon, I hope), the storyline looks complicated and darker compare to FF13..but i like confusing storylines. It makes you think in-depth.
@Paleflare (141)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
Hi alpha, I'm currently playing Final Fantasy xiii right now and its really good, the graphics hell yeah! and and story too, This way more better than Final Fantasy XII. This is the real deal my friend. I recommend buying this game, by the way I'm playing in it on Xbox 360.
@xenobane (205)
• Canada
24 Feb 10
Linear it might be, but very enjoyable it is. It is the first HD attempt for the FF series, and is like experimenting with things, not everything can be perfect from square one. The walkthrough is linear, but the fun part is the battle, and you can see SquareEnix put more emphasis on the fighting system than the towns and other accessories. Is a new experience nevertheless, and a linear progression can keep you focused on the story, which is the best part about every FF. With XIII successful, SquareEnix can use the experience ganined here to create even better games in HD environment, and we should have faith in their ability to do so.
@Gsauce (23)
• Philippines
18 Feb 10
i would also say that most FF games are linear. but i'd still get it. the stories are mostly wat makes FF games appealing for me. as for it having a confusing storyline, well people may find them interesting (like FF7). figuring the story out is kinda part of the game for me, so its a plus. thats just my opinion tho. ;)
@heroshen (146)
• Reunion
9 Feb 10
i will still support and buy.(if i have the means) Cause is kinda a long wait for the new serie of ff.:)
@MJay101 (711)
12 Jan 10
To be fair, I thought most of the FF games were quite linear... I won't be playing the latest release, 'cause I don't have a machine to play it on! My console days are behind me, and my laptop is for work only... Also, I think that the more recent games have focussed on graphics to the detriment of gameplay. But that's just me.