Have you Eaten in a Fast Food Chain together with a STREET CHILDREN/BEGGAR?

@skbrence (476)
January 12, 2010 7:43pm CST
I have this teacher who had experienced it before. He had entered the fast food chain (it was McDonald...), ordered his food and sat alongside with the mirror wall. While eating, he saw a Street Children looking at him while holding his tummy. My teacher then made a symbol/hand gesture of pointing to his food and offering the Street Children to eat with him, and the Street Children agreed. When the Street Children tried to enter McDonald's door, the Security Guard blocked his way and said, "Hey! Stop right there! You are not allowed here... Look at you! Your dirty! Back off!". Hearing this one, my teacher then rushed to the Guard and told him, "If you won't let him enter, I would return these foods and refund my money...", the Guard then said, "But, sir...", my teacher then added, "He is with me...". And so, the Guard let the STREET CHILDREN in. My teacher then asks the Street Children what he likes and what he wants and he also said that he would take care of everything. Then they shared and eaten together happily. Have you ever encountered such scenario? or Have you ever tried doing so?
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@BinaryKat (738)
• United States
13 Jan 10
No actually I haven't seen anything like that here. I usually do see a homeless man or woman asking for something to eat. One time I did a good deed and got a hamburger and fries for a homeless man off the dollar menu at McDonald's. It is great that your teacher found it in his heart to feed those street kids. very kind of him.
@skbrence (476)
• Philippines
13 Jan 10
Hi there BinaryKat! I do agree. My teacher teaches Theology so I think it is really natural for him to help those who are in need. xD In your case, I think you are also one of those "GOOD SAMARITAN" whom ever walked withing this planet, Earth. I hope we could help more people who are in need without asking anything in return. Thumbs up for you! xD