Do you always borrow money to lend it to a friend?

January 12, 2010 9:28pm CST
In my experience, there are some times that I borrowed money and lend it to a friend who is borrowing from me. I usually end up paying the amount myself but my friend doesn't pay me back. I now made a resolve not to borrow money to lend it to my friends who are borrowing from me. As others mentioned, it is "borrowing from John to pay Paul." What's your experience?
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• Philippines
13 Jan 10
I have experienced this, when a friend approached me and just in time that I am a one-day-millionaire at that time, hehe!Of course especially in worst cases where a friend who knows just you as a resource and nobody else would trust them, then it happened that you have nothing to grab in your pocket but you are expecting something on the coming payday, then for me, I will have to borrow from someone else to lend to a friend whether he's a common friend or not to the person whom I borrowed the money from. Cases like milk for the baby, food, above all, health emergencies, there you cannot afford to refuse not to find a way too. That's when real friends come out.