What scares you most...death or life?

January 13, 2010 1:00am CST
It seems odd that most of my friends whom I had asked this question, most would answer life With death, it is the end of everything. The end of dreams, adventure and new things. There would just be peace that forever engulfs you and surrounds you. Whereas life, it is the beginning. The start of living. Sometimes, we are afraid how to start life or how to go through it. How we wish that when we were born, a manual had been brought with us to give us guidance on living life. The only guidance that we have are the people who had been there. Or probably some would just learn throug mistakes. What we are actually being afraid of is the fact that we are into the unknown. These unknown are what we call change. Sometimes when you don't know what will happen and knowing the fact that change happens in a snap of a moment makes us scared to deal with it. There had been some who had not lived life to the fullest becuase of this fear. Some would just live to what has been gone through by others to make sure that failures or mistakes would not be repeated anymore. I had always been looking forward to a life full of adventure, full of the unknow. Yet my fear of mistakes, failures, heartaches, drama makes me think twice. I guess when we are ready to challenge ourselves to go through life without these fear, then we would have lived.
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