Are you here for the money or the talking?

United States
January 13, 2010 1:13am CST
I would say that I'm here for both, but barely. I mean, it's really hard to make money on here, but when I consider the fact that I used to answer and ask questions on Yahoo Questions all of the time, this site is definitely better than that. This way I can still do the same thing, but after A LOT of posts, I can make some extra cash which is cool to have. Why do you come here? For the money or the talking or a combination of both? Are you even one of those lucky people who've gotten paid at least once, lol. I have still yet to get a single payment, haha. I'm at $7.34 so far; so I guess I'm kind of close, but it's still going to take awhile longer. Hopefully I'll get that little meter kicking better soon.
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@gloryacam (5546)
• Philippines
10 May 12
Initially, I came here to earn some money. I got excited because it was the first time that I came to know that one can make money online. However, since I like talking ang interacting with people, now, I also come to talk with people, and mostly to speak out what's in my mind. Most time, I come here to rant about things that have angered me at work.
• United States
15 Jan 10
I would have to say more for the talking and writing since I don't spend much time in here at all. If you realize that I just come in every now and then, then you would know its just to pass the time. The money is just a sort of bonus, I think if I was really here for the cash I would be here most of the day every day of the week.
@pramodppk (112)
• India
13 Jan 10
I am here for both money and to discuss some intresting topics, we all know the other chating sites and socialnetwoks we chat in these site just for our hobiy we are doing here same but mylot is paing for that realy it's great
• Singapore
13 Jan 10
Hmm, I think I'm here for both too. It's hard to make money here, but it is better than nothing . I try to include more information in my posts and improve it. Even though the pay rate is low, I can still improve my English and gain more knowledge. And I haven't got paid yet .
@pukaprat2 (442)
• United States
13 Jan 10
when i first started here a year ago, i was all about the money. I didn't have a job and was desperate to bring somehting home. However i was never dedicated to doing it. so i stopped for a long time. as you can see 300 isn't very many responses- but this time around its more for adult conversation- not the perverted kind just the kind that isn't the vocabulary of a three year old.