Whats Your Favorite Warcraft 3 map?

United States
January 13, 2010 11:36pm CST
Hm this is a tough one i would have to go with liquid tower defense the object if this map is to hold back the evil computer Ai with towers you build there are 10 players that all work together to defend there lives you get 25 lives and it is very Co-Op oriented there are i think 7 races you can build that have diffrent types of towers its pretty great! Whats your favorite war craft 3 map an why?
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• New Zealand
15 Jan 10
My favourite Warcraft 3 map would have to be Werewolf Transylvania. In this game you play as a villager like everybody else, and on the first midnight one of the villagers are chosen as a werewolf and their mission is to kill all the other players. I love this Map because it's a game of wits, you try to trick and deceive your opponents. Your best ally could well be the werewolf without you knowing! The whole map is also unrevealed so you never know where the werewolf is unless it attacks one of the villagers. You should give it a try! it's one of the most unexpected and entertaining Warcraft 3 maps I've ever played.
• United States
15 Jan 10
wow that sounds like a great map ill have to give it a try =D thanks and thank you for your response =]
4 Aug 11
lost temper ,ancient and classy, i can beat 3 evil computer ai at once by the way
@fixnet93 (20)
• Poland
31 May 10
All maps for 4 and 6 players.