How Does Mylot Rank Its Member?

@kathy714 (129)
January 14, 2010 2:14am CST
When I post reponses to discussions on mylot. I saw members with different ranks, that is, the star with a number besides the name. I am just wondering how mylot rank its member. Some members have lower grade but the number of their posts is even more than those who posts less. And the color of the star is different, too. Can anybody tell me the rules about this? Does the rank influence the earning?
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• India
14 Jan 10
When you reach 100 posts you will receive your first star with the rankings. Just now one of the members has mentioned that she has received a Blue ten star rating. If your discussions and responses are good, and if the other members give a lot of positive markings, usually your ratings will be quite high.The number of posts does not count here ,and it is usually the quality of the posts which count. Yes the rank influences the earnings. The higher the ratings, higher the income, and lower the ratings, lower income.