Do you get even?

@Java09 (3085)
United States
January 14, 2010 11:36am CST
When something wrongs you or uses you for something,do you get even with that person?I used to think of ways to get my revenge in the past.When I was younger,I used to feel angry at people who did something against me.I would dream up all these ways to make them get in trouble or make a fool out of them.Now,if someone wrongs me,I feelGod knows what the person did,and God can handle them.What about you do you get even?
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@timasma (123)
• Poland
14 Feb 10
Many moons ago I also use to be like that, revenge was all I would think about until I actually made it clear that no one could mess with me. I'm older now and years of experience have made me see differently. You are so right, God does take care of things like that, I believe what goes around come around, like people say "what you do in this life echoes in eternity". I usually say to people that hurt me, "your turn will come", and it does! I get no satisfaction in going out of my way to make someone pay for what they did. That is not my job to do. But I anxiously wait for the day they get back some of the pain they caused others. And so far I have watched many people pay for their evil ways, I believe and trust Karma.
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
16 Feb 10
you are absolutely right about karma. i saw it play out recently myself on this f********** head that screwed me and my honey over (for the second time). he double doored us REALLY bad. i won't even go into details here, too long for this purpose. i couldn't believe it. it's like i wished it so bad that it actually happened. i am not going to lie, though. sometimes i still feel like helping karma along. lol. if i could, i don't see what's wrong with vengence. it's just another word for equalizing. nothing is wrong with the scales being balance. nothing is wrong with you balancing them. after all, the person is the one who tiped it at first. karma had nothing to do with that part. all you are doing with vengence is tipping it back either equal or in your favor. our enemies would love us to back down and leave it to karma. this is because some times karma hicups in the favor of the wrong do-er and they get away with it. i have seen this happen too.