Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete

January 14, 2010 7:53pm CST
anyome see the new ff7 advent children complete movie? its longer and soo much more fun to watch than the original. the new scenes show kadaj's creation, gives more detail about everything and even shows the scene where zack dies (almost cried). theres also a new bloody fight scene between cloud and sephiroth which is soooo much better than the original. the movie is just plain gorgeous in every way, but am i the only one? if youve seen it, how do you feel about it?
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• United States
25 Apr 11
It's really good. I loved it so much...But, then again...i love most final fantasy games :)
@xGuilt (26)
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
i've only seen the revamped fight scene between cloud and sephirot which is EPIC. especially the added scenes to SOME fights like bahamut fight, cloud's motor chase, oh and in ACC cloud did use both original Omnislash and the Omnislash Ver 5 and the Ver 5 in Complete is completely different from the other Ver 5 in advent children.
@Gsauce (23)
• Philippines
15 Feb 10
the movie's definitely a must watch! even if you've seen the original. this one was totally improved. the details on this movie will make your jaws drop (i am exaggerating of course, but u get my point don't you?) lol. the cloud vs sephiroth fight scene was also extended and ul get to see another version of the omnislash. the file size of the movie was about 6 gigs or so. go get it in thepira... in stores i mean. yeah. definitely worth your money. ;)
@arumisan (45)
• Australia
5 Feb 10
I have this version of the movie at home though because I don't have a blu ray player of any form, I haven't seen it yet. However just to see in high def and wide screen format? Definitely worth, at the very least, a watch. Plus, with the extra such as the animated feature and the 20 or so minutes of extra scenes are worth all the money I've paid for it... when I finally watch on my TV... which I hope will be in the near future.
@sushie93 (1359)
• France
5 Feb 10
I didn't know there is a new version, i only watch the original, quality is also good as the original? I very like fights in Final Fantasy, maybe i will try to find it on Internet.
• United States
24 Jan 10
Ooo wow, I didn't know it would be an extended version of the film. I thought the only benefit would be the demo that came with the bluray. OMG @ even better Cloud and Sephiroth fight... holy cow I am definitely going to get this one way or another... a huge FF fan (not original I know), and really enjoyed both the FF movies.
16 Jan 10
this new version is hypnotizing... i thought it was great before, but damn... they actually managed to improve on it. they also show zack a considerable amount more, which is sooooooo cool!!!! this movie is great, dood!!! i totally loved it every time i watched it! (ive watched it about 7 times so far... lol)
@tangurama (206)
• Canada
15 Jan 10
I've only seen the original, but your description of the complete movie is really tempting me to watch it. I thought the final fight scene between Cloud and Sephiroth was already intense enough in the original, but now there's an even better version. I'm going to start downloading it right away! I mean ah, buy it in stores. Thank you for sharing this with the mylot community!