who is a good friend...?

@anto86 (348)
August 30, 2006 7:39am CST
share ur ideas and ur experience too....
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• India
8 Jan 07
I think you a true friend is someone who is there for you and you can go to when you need something or soemone. I think you can make great friends online. They are probably much like chidlrens friendships- innocent and naive.think that friendships develop no matter what the circumstances. Over the internet things like age, social stature, culture, looks, and so forth become irrelevant....you can make true friends even though its online, friendship has no gaps and boundaries, just have faith to your friend and everything will be fine..... Sure it is possible to have true friendship with someone on line. I think it is a different kind of friendship then someone you know face to face but I have a few friends on line that know things about me that some friends in real life do not know.... noticed that its much more easyer too speak too my online friend,then my other friend that lives near me..
• Egypt
31 Aug 06
there nothing called good friend as this will mean there is a bad friend is there a bad friend..................obviously that is not a friend at all
@niksan87 (212)
• Bulgaria
30 Aug 06
As a man i am sure that a woman can`t be your best friend, because they can`t help you with very difficult situations.
• United States
30 Aug 06
My best friend is the best anyone can have. I can pick up and call her middle of the night if I need someone to talk to, she is someone I can tell anything and talk about it. Someone I can count on when I need help. We live little far away but with webcam and IM through internet, we feel like we live right down the road from each other.
• India
30 Aug 06
well i beleive "friend in need is a friend in deed"
@ssh123 (31104)
• India
30 Aug 06
A hedge between keeps the friendship green. A friend in need is friend indeed. A person who has sincere respect, understanding, affection and who gives encouragement to you is the real friend.