I am annoyed by her way of thinking

January 15, 2010 12:55am CST
A week ago, me and my high school friends decided to have another night out this January 16. Everything was all set and we all agreed about it. I thought there will no longer be problems related to it. I already bought a new dress that I will be wearing for tomorrow's night out. Another friend of mine also bought dress and sandals. One of my friends sent me a message last night through facebook and asked me to tell another friend that she will be sleeping in her boarding house. So the very first thing I did this morning after waking up was to text that friend of mine. She told me that all of them are going to sleep in our house. I told her no because in the first place, I don't own this house. This is my boyfriend's house. She still insisted and i also tried to explain to her many reasons why they cannot be accommodated her. Their is also very minimal space for sleeping here and my boyfriend doesn't like other people sleeping here because he wants to have a good night sleep. I really tried to make her understand but finally I was surprised by what she said. She told me that she will no longer come with us tomorrow night just for that reason. I was hurt and annoyed by her way of thinking. I cannot see anything wrong with the situation.
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• United States
26 Mar 10
Well, that is quite the frustrating situation. If it was me, I wouldn't hang out with her anymore.
@ifa225 (11097)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 10
hello pentagan, maybe she just in PMS (pra menstruation syndrome). It happens on women a lot. It is nothing wrong in the situation. Maybe you have to think in her side if you want to understand the way she thinks.