How much participation is required to earn on myLot?

South Africa
August 30, 2006 7:40am CST
Does anyone know the rate of payment? eg, ten discussions = 1 cent?
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@ravianz (285)
• Pakistan
26 Oct 06
as much you want to earn! some important point which might be helpful for you are: 1. Respond in posts not comments. 2. Comment back to ALL responses to your discussions. 3. Tag all your responses with As many words as possible but all relative 4. Answer to wide variety of topics. 5. Prefer to answer questions with no response (see brain busters) 6. Apply plus ratings to everyone and avoid to give a -ve 7. When you reply in posts write a minimum of 4 lines and don't babble, make quality replies. 8. Keep discussions going. 9. Make freinds that can help you out. 10. Aim for over 50 posts per day to different discussions if you are serious to earn 'alot' from mylot
@punto8 (10)
9 May 12
well I'm new here i was reading one article where said that you need to upload pictures in every moment you can cos it will give more earnings. Is it so?
@KHyuga (1700)
• Singapore
31 Aug 06
Nobody knows for sure I guess, though I would believe the quality of discussion stimulated would play a part.
@bhchy1 (6052)
• United States
31 Aug 06
I think jessycardy is right..quality not quanity per se.. It could possibly be..things like if you post a question the creates a huge response or gets into the hot topic..that gives you more earnings. If your response is given best response..that may also up the anti. Just answering questions and posting questions that get little or no response doesn't seem to have much effect on the earning part..just the points part. This website appears to be set up to get some good debates going on serious issues...JMHO
• Italy
30 Aug 06
It's not the quantity that matters, but the quality. That means there's no way to tell you how much you're going to earn with 1, 10 or 100 posts. Just post away, and use the brain.