Found the trick: GUYS JUST LOVE OPINIONATED WOMEN! Girl power!

January 15, 2010 3:00am CST
I have compared myself with lots of my girlfriends before, in which I belong to their category too - and that was before. Because of the conservative culture, and due to foreign influence of colonialism centuries ago that women are not allowed to acquire education, just to stay at home and take care of the house and the children, Philippines is more likely to have women who would just say almost "Yes, your majesty" to their men. As time evolved, and the country has been liberated, more and more women become opinionated because lots are educated then, most are high-achievers, and it can be seen, we even have a female president. Well, the story is not there. Anyway, the context of this is, I have compared to my previous "puppy love" relationships before, if you will show the guy that you are head over heels to him inside the relationship, and you are willing to give anything to him, almost becoming a slave, then he will treat you as one. (Ooops! I know lots of guys will react on this). If you tend to show your price too, that lots of men are also interested of you when he is not there, you'll see you guy will worry a lot and almost snoop on whatever you do he will become so insecure about other men that he might lose you to the handsome hunks in town. This is what I learned as "Leave something for yourself" respect yourself first to gain self-esteem before others can respect you. Hurray to Girl Power! :D
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@iMamom (321)
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8 Nov 12
I reckon that's true Marzha_Martina Guys love women who was their own mind. Though they want to be in control they also wants their women to know what to do whenever their not around. Smart Women are worth keeping.