Abandoned && Looking for Father.

@milolamb (138)
January 15, 2010 3:04am CST
When I was a young boy I was actually abandoned by my father. I was just wondering if anyone in the same boat had a problem and if anyone actually knew a way to find their biological parents. I just really want to meet my father, and was wondering if anyone knew ways of finding people ?
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@gwoman2 (711)
• United States
15 Jan 10
Hi Milolamb:-) I know how you feel, I too was abandoned by both my bio parents when I was 6 months old with a sister who was two at the time...I am now 57 and still not over it...I was adopted by an older couple and they were very good parents, they both have passed away:-( About two years ago I received notice from my sister that another sister on my bio mother's side was looking for me, so I responded and asked her in a letter to tell me about my "mother" and "father" you're not gonna believe this but it's true, she actually wrote me back and said, "it's better to leave it alone" what the heck? I am livid with her...she keeps trying to contact me by sending me cards for every ocasion but I am so upset I don't know what to do...I actually have 14 brothers and sisters that I don't know and that sucks...I was always very careful who I had relationship with because I never knew it they were related to me so Puerto Ricans were not a choice I had:-( Try Face Book, you never know...other sites want $$$ and that's not cool especially if you don't have the funds:-( Good luck on your journey and I sincerely hope you find your Dad! But always remember that you are here for a reason and you are important because God don't make no junk!! ~G~
@milolamb (138)
• Australia
16 Jan 10
You have my thanks, Understanding is part of nature though and why it occurs is somethign i'll live with myself =)