Was there someone who told you that you are his/her life and you make him happy?

January 15, 2010 5:57am CST
I read a quotation that all of us want to be appreciated.It's true that showing appreciation is a way of giving importance to a person.Good thing is, someone is so lucky if someone tells him/her that he/she is his/her life and he/she makes him/her happy.Thus, his life is meaningful without him/her.How sweet it is to hear this from someone especially when the feeling is mutual.How about you, have you tried to hear this statements from someone?What do you think should one possesses to receive such kind of comments?
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@wizteen (505)
• India
15 Jan 10
some of my friends have said such things to me. they say i bring a smile on ther face ...etc etc.and yes it does feel good to know that you are a part of someones life and they are happy to have you.
@thenieruz (137)
• United States
15 Jan 10
Can't say I tried to hear this, but I have been told by my best friend. It was sweet and disturbing all in the same. I'm not comfortable being "someone's life" because there is much more out there than me. However, I'm fine accepting that perhaps my friend hasn't found something for me to share his life with yet which is very possible since we're fairly young.